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We often organize Workshops – here are some that are coming soon:

Various dates – 2018 Holiday Workshops – Urns & Centrepieces
November 30, 2018 – Christmas Open House & Artisan Craft Market

2018 Holiday Workshops – Urns & Centrepieces

Saturday December 8   1:00-2:30 Succulent Centrepiece $55
Saturday December 15   1:00-2:30 Traditional Centrepiece $75

Register at our store: 17 Sideroad 18, Fergus or call us at 519-843-5394.

Click here to see the Workshop Poster.

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Christmas Open House & Artisan Craft Market

Christmas Open House and Artisan Craft Market

When was it: Friday November 30, 2018 – from 4:00 to 8:00 PM.

We at LittleTree are still enjoying the afterglow of our open house. It was a very successful event (our customers are telling us so). We were delighted to have so many of you here to share in the fun and magical atmosphere of a nighttime Christmas event. Many thanks for the part you played in making our first Artisan Craft Market so special. Customers and Artisans alike loved the setting and also the high quality of product that was offered. We couldn’t agree more. We hope to make this an annual event and we will begin our plans for next year’s, soon. Stay tuned!

On behalf of everyone here at LittleTree Garden Market, thanks again for stopping by our Open House and Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Featuring 6 local artisans in our greenhouse:

Lisa Byers LJ Turtle Aromatherapy more info…
Carla Drimmie Carla’s Fine Jewellery more info…
Ryan & Claudia Goodfellow Goodfellows Field To Fork Inc. more info…
Heather Wood Heather Wood Art Glass more info…
Barry Vanderveer Knitting Wolf Luxury Yarns more info…
Claire Boekner Hoopla Soaps more info…

Lisa Byers (LJ Turtle Aromatherapy)

My name is Lisa Byers and I am the aromatherapist behind LJ Turtle Aromatherapy.  I started using essential oils to help me deal with challenging times in my life and the resulting stress symptoms – e.g. acute and/or chronic pain, disrupted sleep, and a diminishing ability to focus – to name a few; I continue to use aromatherapy to help support me emotionally, physically and spiritually.

My passion is developing blends that help us all live an aromatherapy lifestyle — which for me means that my blends:

  • Have to be easy to incorporate into your daily routine;
  • Are prepared safely so as to avoid any possible adverse reactions (primarily skin irritations); and
  • Are effective (i.e. I do extensive research into the therapeutic properties of each essential oil I use in a given blend).

In order to do this knowledgeably and expertly, I became a clinical aromatherapist, trained and certified through the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists.

As an outcome of this training, and with the goal of making aromatherapy as effective and practical to use as possible, I started crafting different ‘aroma-tools’ that can be used with essential oils including aromatherapy diffuser jewelry.

What I will be showcasing:

  • Aromatherapy Diffuser Jewelry: Wear your aromatherapy in style’ with a piece of diffuser jewelry. LJ Turtle jewelry is simple to use, stylish, and aromatherapeutic. Choose from earrings, pendants and bracelets.  LJ Turtle diffuser jewelry helps you live an aromatherapy lifestyle – you will smell amazing and feel great.
  • Aromatherapy Lifestyle Blends: Choose from 3 of my most popular lifestyle blends.  Joy supports a cheerful outlook, invigorates and uplifts our thinking and thought patterns. Winter Solstice is one of my change of season blends; use it to ‘warm’ you when it is chilly outside. And finally, use Four Thieves as a preventative measure against the cold and flu.  It is also a great daytime blend to help you stay focused.   These may be used with your diffuser jewelry or with a nebulizer.

LJ Turtle Aromatherapy

LJ Turtle Aromatherapy’s website

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Carla Drimmie (Carla’s Fine Jewellery)

Carla Drimmie is an accomplished, certified gemologist who launched her own business creating unique custom jewellery. She draws on her retail experience and love of art to produce designs that are elegant, classical in nature but have an artistic flare. Each piece is hand made with the utmost of care and attention to detail using Canadian refined sterling silver and gold.

Carla was featured in the 2012 fall edition of Arabella magazine’s Fabulous Finds and also received honourable mention for best in show at the Summerfolk Art and Music Festival 2017 for her custom pearl pendant. The 2018 Wearable Art Show in Oakville awarded Carla the Peoples’ Choice Award and honourable mention for the juried inspiration creation. Her piece was inspired by a parrot in flight and was made of sterling silver and 10kt gold.

Carla's Fine Jewellery

Carla’s Fine Jewellery’s website

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Ryan & Claudia Goodfellow (Goodfellows Field To Fork Inc.)

We are a small, Family Run, Artisanal Italian Bakery located in the Heart of Rockwood, Ontario. We make Old World style Sourdough Bread, using our House-Made Sourdough Starter. We source our products from local farmers and markets. Our menu changes everyday to highlight the seasonal products offered by the local farmers.

Goodfellows Field to Fork inc. was established in the summer 2016, with the intention of connecting with the farmers that give us, as Chefs, the beautiful ingredients that inspire us. Our food is heartfelt and rustic, from our old world style sourdough bread, to our coffee by DeMello Palheta Coffee Roasters, to our many house-made sweets and savoury treats.

Establishing ourselves in a community that we could grow with, has always been our dream. We wanted to create an inclusive space where people of all walks of life could come together and enjoy a bite, a chat and a warm beverage. Finding the Village of Rockwood, Ontario has been a delight and a perfect match for us to create our little bakery in. We are surrounded by incredible farmers who produce amazing ingredients which allows us to create great food for great people.It’s an honour to be a part of this community, to grow and strengthen all relationships that has been nurtured over the short time. We look forward to seeing the fruits created by the roots we’ve planted. Cheers!

1 Team 1 Dream is our Philosophy.
From the Soil that grows the Local Tomatoes we use on our Focaccia, To our Friends and Guest that Enjoy them.

Goodfellows Field To Fork Inc.

Goodfellows Field To Fork Inc.’s website

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Heather Wood (Heather Wood Art Glass)

Much of Heather’s work revolves around the use  of plant, tree and animal imagery.  Her exploration of vegetation and animal life  as cultural symbols, references man’s need for contact with the natural world.  Using images representing the environment both literally and metaphorically, Heather’s work explores the connection between our spiritual and physical worlds and emphasizes our need for nature.

Heather  uses vitreous glass enamels, both fusible and recycled glasses, and a kiln to create both functional and non-functional work in her studio located in Elora, Ontario.

Heather Wood

Heather Wood Art Glass’s website

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Barry Vanderveer (Knitting Wolf Luxury Yarns)

Knitting Wolf Luxury Yarns was created out of a desire to find and create masculine colourways! As a guy who knits, far too often I was left with black, brown, navy or grey as colour selections. Add to the conundrum, the fact that I was berated with mostly fingering and sport weight yarns! While you will find these light weight bases, I tend to gravitate towards DK, Worsted and Aran weights. A very particular wolf knows what he wants when it comes to colour! Each skein of yarn contained within this store has been lovingly created by this Dyeing Wolf.

Knitting Wolf Luxury Yarns

Knitting Wolf Luxury Yarns’ website

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Claire Boekner (Hoopla Soaps)

Products: I make cold process, homemade soap out of home using plant base, nourishing oils that gives you a creamy bar of soap with lots of lather and bubbles. My soap will leave your skin feeling clean and moisturized. I use fragrances that smell fun and fresh, without all the harsh chemicals of store bought soap, and with a variety to choose from for both men and women.  Making soap is a fun hobby for me that I love to do and I decided this year to open up a small local business because I wanted to share my passion for healthier skin care products.

Hoopla Soaps

Hoopla Soaps’ Facebook page

Come visit us – at LittleTree’s Open House!

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