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FAQ: Do you have any plants?

One of the most common questions we hear in spring is “When will your shrubs and trees be arriving?" and “What new or exciting things are coming in this year?"

cartoon where are all the flowers

Where are all the flowers...?

Well our shrubs and trees don’t arrive until the 3 foot high snow pile we affectionately call our nursery stock section, is gone. Luckily, this year it looks like that might be by early April. (Yes, my fingers are crossed as I write.)

 As to the new or exciting...

 For 2015 we have gone a little seedy:

now entering the seedy area

Sign in LittleTree Garden Market's seed area

Besides our full compliment of seeds from OSC seeds (a local seed company out of Kitchener) we are also carrying a new line of organic seeds called Seeds of Change.

red fleshed potato AmaRosa

AmaRosa potato

Our seed potato section has a new colourful addition too, called AmaRosa, a red-fleshed fingerling type of potato. (AmaRosa paired with the Russian Blue potato would make a tasty conversation piece at supper.) 

On the subject of tasty edibles, we diligently tracked down the seed of a new and exciting vegetable called Kalette.  


Kalette seeds

Kalette, a cross between kale and Brussel sprouts

It is a natural cross (no gmo-ing going on here) between kale and Brussels sprouts. It produces multiple little heads of kale on a Brussels sprout like stalk. There are three different types with varying maturity dates. We are growing all three to see how they perform in our short growing season, here in Fergus and Elora, Ontario. We will be offering only the earliest one for sale as a plant this year.

Another vegetable we came across and decided to grow for all our hot pepper friends is the Trinidad Scorpion Hot Pepper.


Trinidad Scorpion Hot Pepper seeds

Trinidad Scorpion Hot Pepper

HOT, HOT, HOT. This pepper apparently beats out even the ghost pepper. It rates a consistent 1.2-million scoville units – ouch! It looks a little like a habanero but packs a bigger wallop! (One hot pepper blogger likened it to having sticks of TNT jammed into your mouth!) There will be a very limited quantity available so if you are interested please reserve a plant in advance. 

New and exciting in annual flower section this year is our expanded line of  ‘multi-tasking’ hanging baskets. 

fragrant garden tag in 12" hanging basket

Fragrant 12" hanging basket

We love lots of colour and flower power in our 12" baskets but thought it would be fun if they also had a purpose, like our most popular one, The Humming Bird and Butterfly attracting basket.  So, for 2015  we added to our line, a Fragrant hanging basket – packed with the most highly scented annuals we could find, a Mosquito Repelling basket- filled with flowers that those pesky little bugs don’t like and a Cottager 12" basket that has very low watering needs for people who want some flowers but aren’t always there to maintain them. (Some cottagers though might prefer the mosquito-repelling basket!) 

Lastly, here is a sneak peak at some of the new and exciting trees and shrubs stock that will be replacing the snow in our nursery this year: 

Magnolia 'Colossus'

Magnolia 'Colossus'

Magnolia 'Colossus' is a gorgeous small tree that has 5” flowers and is hardy to zone 4b. 

Hydrangea Abracadabra orb

Proven Winners Hydrangea Abracadabra Orb

Of course we had to have the two new hydrangeas from Proven Winners collection of beautiful and reliable garden plants. 

Hydrangea Abracadabra Star

Proven Winners Hydrangea Abracadabra Star

Abracadabra Orb and Abracadabra Star  both get about 3-4 feet tall and are hardy to zone 5. 

Juniper 'Mother Lode' hanging over rock

Juniper 'Mother Lode'

Juniper Mother Lode is a ground cover evergreen that is a gorgeous bright yellow. It is hardy to zone 3. 

Paw Paw fruit on tree

Paw Paw fruit

The Paw Paw tree (Asimina triloba) is a fun new addition to our edible section. This tree gets 15-20’ feet tall and is hardy to zone 5. It prefers a more acidic soil like blueberries.


These are just a few of the exciting new things we will have for 2015.

Is there something new or different you would like us to try and get? Shoot us an email and we will see what we can do.

Or if you have any questions about our new plants - ask away!