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Pollinator Sanctuary

The front gardens at LittleTree Garden Market are getting a huge face-lift this year, but with an environmental twist. We believe strongly in sustainable gardening and providing food and habitat to all our pollinating friends. So over the next few years we will be transforming a good portion of the front garden space into a pollinator sanctuary.


The new entrance garden will be planted up with lots of native food
plants for bees and butterflies, the ditch area will be turned into a wildflower habitat and a portion of the lawn will be transformed into a large stock area in which we will grow a variety of  pollinator-friendly plants, including native ones that are  good for attracting butterflies, birds and bees. The new stock beds will not only provide food for pollinators but will also allow us to offer our customers hardy LittleTree grown pollinator attracting perennials.


The front pond will be getting a face-lift too but will remain a good source of fresh water for all our pollinator friends.

And don't be surprised if you see a few new houses (bird and bee houses that is) pop up in our garden.